Tokyo has everything you can think of. Historical buildings to feel traditions, thousands of delicious restaurants, beautiful nature, countless nightlife destinations, and of course, many shopping destinations that answers all your needs.

Tokyo's downtown is scattered. Each area offers different shopping attractions that answer different people. The good thing is, major shopping districts are also sightseeing destinations as well. So, to help you manage your time, we have rounded up the shopping attractions in Tokyo's most popular areas with a list of must-go shops. Prepare your cash and credit card to shop until you drop!

1. Asakusa

Asakusa is famous for the most well-known sight in Tokyo: Sensoji Temple. Since it is the oldest downtown of Tokyo, Asakusa offers many traditional shops that are perfect for finding souvenirs. Old charm meets pop culture here in Asakusa, making the district attractive to all ages.

Nakamise Dori Shopping Street: 300 meters of souvenir stores

Nakamise Dori Shopping Street is a long and narrow street that leads to Sensoji Temple from Kaminarimon Gate. The approximately 300 meters shopping street offers numerous shops that catch the attention of tourists from all over the world. Especially it's famous for being a place for souvenir shopping. There are postcards, keychains, magnets, pens, etc., of the Tokyo version. On the other hand, there are more traditional goods such as Japanese lanterns, kimono, and Japanese toys. Nakamise Dori Shopping Street is also famous for its street foods. Have some snacks and indulge in shopping as much as you want!

Nakamise Shopping Street:

Kappabashi: World’s largest kitchen ware shopping street

Besides traditional crafts and souvenirs, Asakusa is a perfect district to find kitchenwares. Kappabashi district, also known as the kitchen town, is world's largest kitchenware shopping street for professionals. Many chefs around the world visit Kappabashi to shop for knives, ceramics, earthenware, kitchen utensils, cookie cutters, and other implements from traditional to high-tech in this kilometer-long street run by kitchen experts. Kappabashi also accept casual shoppers by having kitchenware shops for normal consumers and food sample souvenirs like key chains.



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2. Shibuya

Shibuya has become one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world by its Shibuya Crossing. Once you step out of Shibuya Station's Hachiko Exit, you will be amazed by a scramble of people and a dizzying barrage of billboards and shop signs. As Shibuya is one of the biggest cities in Tokyo, there are various shopping destinations:

Fashion boutiques & department stores: Shibuya 109, other department stores, and Center Gai

Teen fashion mecca Shibuya 109.

Teen fashion mecca Shibuya 109. From Flickr

Shibuya's fashion boutiques are mainly for its primary market, the youth. Shibuya is known as the center of teenage fashion, and the heart of that is, Shibuya 109. Many teenagers who live in suburbs dream of a day they visit Shibuya 109. Working for apparel shops in Shibuya 109 means the most fabulous career for people who wants to be in the fashion industry. You can easily spot Shibuya 109 as it's in front of Shibuya Crossing.

Shibuya 109:

There are more department stores in Shibuya. Some of them include Seibu Shibuya Department Store and Shibuya PARCO. Especially, Shibuya PARCO has recently ended its three-years renovation in November 2019 and turned into a completely new building that expresses the latest trends in Tokyo. There are over 190 shops and restaurants that focus on fashion, art & culture, entertainment, food, and technology.

Seibu Shibuya Department Store:
Shibuya PARCO:

Aside from department stores, Shibuya Center Gai, which is a street that continues from Shibuya Crossing, caters many different shops. Shops include boutiques, 100yen shops, and other independent stores. You can easily spot familiar international brands and local favorites like shoe stores, sock stores, lingerie stores, etc. Start walking from the entrance next to Tsutaya Building, which is the one with a Starbucks Café overlooking the intersection..

Tokyu Hands Flagship Store

Getting lost in Tokyu Hands’ flagship store is the most fun shopping experience in Shibuya. For those who are not familiar with Tokyu Hands, Tokyu Hands is an amazing shop where you can find home decors, hobby related products, stationeries, cosmetics, lifestyle products, etc. There are many unique products here that you had never imagined. Locals say, "there is nothing you can't find at Tokyu Hands." There are many branches of Tokyu Hands all over Japan, but this Shibuya shop is the first and largest store. There is also a cafe built inside where you can take a break from shopping.

Tokyu Hands:

Local fashion : Shibuya Jinnan area

Jinnan area is in the northern part of Shibuya, close to Yoyogi Park. It is approximately 10 mins walk from Shibuya Station. Because it has a distance from the station, the district is quieter compared to the area around Shibuya Crossings. The area offers many unique local shops, cafes, etc., and you will be able to find the latest fashion trends in Japan.


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3. Harajuku

Harajuku is famous for being the center of Japanese pop culture; in other words, kawaii culture. Many people who visit Harajuku wear unique clothes that express their personalities. Shops here as well, offer fashionable items that you can find at no other places in the world.

Takeshita Dori Street

Takeshita Dori Shopping Street is located right across JR Harajuku Station's Takeshita Exist. It's the biggest destination when you visit the Harajuku area for shopping. There are countless small shops, most of them offering teen fashions and edgy style shops. If you want to shop as much as you want, head to Daiso Harajuku, one of the largest 100yen stores in Tokyo. Vintage clothes lovers will be able to find many second-hand vintage clothing shops at Takeshita Dori Street, including PANAMA BOY.

Vintage and pre-loved fashion shopping at Takeshita Street in Harajuku.

Vintage and pre-loved fashion shopping at Takeshita Street in Harajuku. From Flickr



Laforet Harajuku

Laforet Harajuku is only a few-minute walk away from the end of Takeshita Dori Street. It's a department store that specializes in teen fashion brands and often called "the center of teenagers fashion in Tokyo." You will be able to find the latest trends at Laforet Harajuku and more to that. There are many shops that offer kawaii fashion such as lolita fashion shops and colorful clothes shops that you can only find here in Harajuku.

Laforet Harajuku:


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4. Omotesando

Omotesando is the area next Omotesando, and it's a walkable distance from Harajuku Station. However, the atmosphere is totally different. While Harajuku focuses more on teen fashion and kawaii culture, Omotesando focuses more on luxury brands and sophisticated shops for grown-ups.

Omotesando Avenue and Omotesando Hills

Omotesando Hills.

Omotesando Hills. From Flickr

Many international luxury brands have boutiques along Omotesando Avenue. Shops include Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and many more. With its elegant Zelkova trees, with beautiful Christmas lights during winter, and upmarket ambiance makes the street dubbed as Tokyo's Champs-Élysée. Also shopping malls like Omotesando Hills carries fashionable and posh brands in apparel and other lifestyle categories.

Dior Building along Omotesando Avenue looks like a paper lantern at night.

Dior Building along Omotesando Avenue looks like a paper lantern at night. From Flickr

Omotesando Hills:

Tokyu Plaza Omotesando

The selection in Omotesando may not rival Ginza. However, what makes this avenue stand out and worth visiting is the stunning architecture and interior design of its shops and malls, particularly noteworthy are Tokyu Plaza’s kaleidoscope-like escalator entrance. Tokyu Plaza Omotesando offers unique shops such as "KIMONO by NADESHIKO" where you can find modern style kimonos.

Tokyu Plaza Omotesando:


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5. Shinjuku

Shinjuku is the biggest station in Japan, with an extremely large number of passengers that get on and off trains in a day. As many people gather at this city, Shinjuku offers varieties of shops to answer all the needs visitors have. Which means you won't need to travel to other cities in Tokyo to find anything you want. There are many department stores and specialty stores. You could spend a whole day shopping only in Shinjuku!

Department stores with direct access to Shinjuku Station.

Department stores with direct access to Shinjuku Station. From Flickr

Department Stores

As the number of passengers who use Shinjuku Station is 3 millions, the station itself is flanked by several department stores. Odakyu Department Store, Keio Department Store, Shinjuku Mylord, Lumine are the one connected to the station. There are other large department stores within a few minutes walk from the station. That includes Takashimaya Times Square, and Isetan Department Store. All of them offer various apparel and lifestyle shops and, of course, Depachika, the food floor filled with delicious treats. The floor is always crowded with locals and tourists who seek for delicious delis, cakes, and Japanese sweets.

Odakyu Department Store:
Keio Department Store:
Shinjuku Mylord:
Takashimaya Times Square:
Isetan Shinjuku Department Store:

Specialty Stores: Electronics, bookstore, vinyl, art supplies, and variety goods

Department stores are easy to shop as you just have to go from the upper floor to the lower floor to find things you want. However, specialty stores offer more different products that won't be sold at department stores. For example, 100yen shops and drugstores are scattered in the Shinjuku area to find affordable souvenirs and Japanese cheap but high-quality cosmetics. Yodabashi Shinjuku is one of the largest electronics shops in the Shinjuku area, offering any consumer electronics you can think of. Bicqlo is another unique shop that combines an electronics shop Bic Camera and a Japanese fast fashion shop Uniqlo. Kinokuniya Bookstore is the largest bookstore in Shinjuku and offers English books including English manga. Disk Union is a vinyl records and other audio gems that music lovers should visit. Some people say that they can find ages-old vinyl that they could never find in their own country. Sekaido is an art and crafts store offering the largest variety of art supplies in Tokyo. And you can't forget the variety store chain Don Quijote. There is a huge shop in Shinjuku, near Golden Gai, open 24 hours for your last-minute shopping spree.

Yodobashi Shinjuku:
Kinokuniya Bookstore:
Disk Union:
Sekaido: (Japanese only)
Don Quijote:


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6. Ginza

Ginza is certainly the most luxurious city in Tokyo. Shops in this district are not affordable, but the highest grade products gather in Ginza, and you can do a quality-assured shopping. From fashion to cosmetics, food to stationeries, find the highest quality in Ginza. Most shops gather along Chuo-Dori Street, a 1km shopping street that becomes exclusive to pedestrians on weekend afternoons and public holidays.

High-end shopping

Many international designer labels have their Tokyo flagship store in Ginza. Most of them are along Chuo-Dori Street and welcomes everyone who loves the highest quality apparel.

Another easy place to find such brands would be department stores. Ginza's landmark department store is Mitsukoshi Department Store located at the main junction where Chuo Dori intersects with Harumi Dori. Across Mitsukoshi Department Store, there is Wako Department Store with an antique clock tower that has become the symbol of Ginza. Surprisingly, the Ginza Wako Department Store has a history of more than 120 years! Ginza Matsuya is located across Ginza Apple Store. Ginza Matsuya and Mitsukoshi Department Stores are the two top sales department stores in Ginza. Ginza Matsuya has a gallery and hosts various exhibitions. Visiting the gallery while shopping would be a nice break.
If you are looking for a one-stop place to shop for fashion, jewelry, crystal, and delicious foods that satisfy your gastronomic demands, visit these department stores.

Mitsukoshi Ginza:
Ginza Wako: Ginza Matsuya:

Specialty shops

Ginza also offers many kinds of specialty shops. Takumi is the expert for elegant folk crafts. Hakuhinkan is one of the oldest and biggest toy stores in Japan. Itoya is 9 floors worth of stationery and art supplies. Those who are in love with Japanese stationeries must-visit Itoya. If you have a special interest in something, you should do some research if there is a specialty shop of that kind in Ginza. You will be able to find the highest and the most sophisticated products of your interests.

Takumi: (Japanese only)
Itoya: (Japanese only)


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7. Akihabara

Akihabara at night.

Akihabara at night. From Flickr

Akihabara is for otaku and geeks. If you love anything related to electronics, video games, anime, manga, or moe, Akihabara would be your heaven. Discover shops that match your obsessions.

Akihabara Electric Town

DIY electronics shop at Akihabara’s Electric Town.

DIY electronics shop at Akihabara’s Electric Town. From Flickr

Japanese consumer electornics are among the best in the world. You can find varieties of it at many electronics shops in Akihabara Electric Town. If you want to have wide choices without traveling a lot, you should visit large electronics shops such as Yodobashi Akiba, Labi, Sofmap, Akky Duty Free, and Laox. Most of the shops above are located along Chuo-Dori which is close to JR Akihabara Station.

If you wish to explore more, walk around Electronic Town's backstreets. You can discover many small shops that give you better bargains and unique products that are not sold at large electronics shops. Some of the shops are secondhand shops that sell smartphones and other gadgets, which makes you able to find things even cheaper. It always feels like a treasure hunting when you explore Electronic Town in Akihabara.

Yodobashi Akiba: (Japanese only)
Labi: (Japanese only)
Sofmap: (Japanese only)
Akky Duty Free:

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Manga and Anime shopping for Otaku

Akihabara is also home to videogames, manga, and anime lovers. Many locals travel to Akihabara to visit countless shops and themed cafes for otaku. There are also many anime and manga related events going on every day here in Akihabara.

One of the best places to go for hunting such products would be Mandarake. It's an eight-floor complex that houses impressive varieties of manga books, artworks, cosplay costumes, character goods, video and card games, figures, and lots of other collectibles. While Mandarake is more for real geeks, Kotobukiya is for lighter fans. The five floors of Kotobukiya offer more well-known characters such as those Ghibli films, Pokemon, Hello Kitty, etc. Superpotato is heaven for retro video games fans. From GameWatch to PlayStation2, they offer countless cassettes and hardware created over decades ago. There is also an arcade on the top floor that offers retro videogames. Visiting Superpotato makes you forget time!

Superpotato: (Japanese Only)

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8. Roppongi

Roppongi is famous for being the nightlife district. There are also many shopping destinations, too! Most shops in this district gather modern and stylish products rather than traditional ones. By visiting shops in Roppongi, you will be able to find something special.

Upmarket shopping

The two most famous shopping destinations in Roppongi are surely Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown. Both are shopping malls with various fashion, cosmetics, and other shops with many luxurious restaurants and cafes. They both include office spaces, so people visit here all the time. The profile is upmarket, a bit toned-down version of Ginza shopping.

Roppongi Hills:
Tokyo Midtown:

Shopping for arts and products with amazing designs

Roppongi is also an art district as there are three famous museums in the area: The National Art Center, The Suntory Museum of Art, and Mori Art Museum. Those museum shops will surely have items to interest any kind of art fans. On the other hand, Axis Design near Roppongi Hills caters to lovers of interior design. You can find furnitures and decors with contemporary and sophisticated design at Axis.

The National Art Center Museum Shop:
Suntory Museum of Art Museum Shop:
Mori Art Museum Museum Shop:
Axis Design:

9. Nihonbashi

Nihonbashi has become the leading commercial district during the Edo Period (1603-1867) because the five main roads to and from Tokyo converged at Nihonbashi. Therefore, Nihonbashi offers countless long-standing shops, some continuing for more than 300 years! If you want to find something very traditional, you should definitely not miss shopping in Nihonbashi.

The oldest department stores in Japan: Mitsukoshi and Takashimaya

You can witness the remnants of high times in Nihonbashi at one of the oldest department stores in Japan, Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Department Store. Its Nihonbashi branch was established in 1904, but with roots as a kimono shop that dates back to 1673. The building of the Mitsukoshi Department Store is notable because it's registered as an Important Cultural Property. The shopping experience in a building that was built in 1935 is something special and like no other. Another noteworthy department store here is Takashiyama’s Nihonbashi branch. The store opened in 1933 exhibits a similar classic atmosphere with Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Department Store.

Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi:
Takashiyama Nihonbashi:

Long established specialty shops

Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Department Store and Takashimaya Department Stores are a perfect one-stop shopping destinations. On the other hand, there are many generations-old specialty shops waiting for you to explore in Nihonbashi. To name a few, there’s Yamamotoyama for green tea and sea weeds; Zohiko for lacquerware; Ubukeya for cutting tools; and Haibara for stationeries and washi (Japanese paper).

Ubukeya: (Japanese only)


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10. Odaiba

Odaiba is a human-made island that is designed mainly for tourists from all over Japan and the world. There are a lot of shopping entertainment complexes with shops popular by tourists such as Uniqlo and 100yen shops.

Shopping Malls for various needs

Gundam robot at Diver City Tokyo Plaza in Odaiba.

Gundam robot at Diver City Tokyo Plaza in Odaiba. From Flickr

There are many shopping malls in this area, featuring different attractions. Diver City Tokyo has Gundam shop, a robot animation that has many fans all around the world. The life-sized Gundam robot stands right outside of Diver City Tokyo, and many people like to take a picture of it here. Decks Tokyo Beach has Daiba Icchome Shotengai on the 4th floor. It's kind of a theme park with decors inspired by Showa Period. You can find various Japanese crafts and snacks here. There is also an indoor theme park called Tokyo Joypolis, which is a perfect destination for families with children.

Venus Fort in Odaiba’s Palette Town.

Venus Fort in Odaiba’s Palette Town. From Flickr

AQUA CITY gathers various shops. Some biggest attractions here are JUMP SHOP and 100-yen shops. Venus Fort at Palette Town is a shopping mall with the elegant ambiance of a European city. At Venus Fort, you can enjoy a wide array of fashion boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and a few outlet shops.

Diver City Tokyo:
Decks Tokyo Beach:
Aqua City:
Palette Town: (Japanese only)

11. Oshiage

Oshiage is most known for its biggest attraction: Tokyo Skytree. Countless tourists gather Oshiage to see the city of Tokyo from 634 meters high observation deck. Shops here mainly targets tourists, which means Oshiage is a convenient place for souvenir shopping.

Unique souvenirs in Tokyo Solamachi

Above, there’s the magnificent view of the city. Below, there’s a lot of shopping to be had, especially if you’re on the lookout for souvenirs.

Tokyo Solomachi is located at the base of Tokyo Skytree Tower. With more than 300 shops and amazing dining options, visitors could stay a whole day in the Oshiage District. You should go to the 4th floor to find interesting shops. There is Nippon-ichi that sells specialty goods from around the country. Kyukyodo, a Kyoto-based store founded in 1663, specializes in calligraphy supplies and Japanese paper products. For something samurai-themed, there’s Sengokudama.

Tokyo Solamachi:
Kyukyodo: (Japanese only)

There are also popular character shops. From Hello Kitty to Ghibli, you can find products that are exclusive here. Donguri Republic is the shop you should find to shop for Ghibli products. A huge Totoro is the symbol of the shop!

From cute, we then go to tasty. The food section is on the second floor, and you can find many edible souvenirs! Niki No Kashi is a snack specialized shop that offers over 5,000 kinds of snacks from all over Japan! Morozoff is a chocolatier from Kobe with an 85-year history. Elsewhere on the ground floor, there’s the super popular dessert souvenir Tokyo Banana.

Donguri Republic:
Niki No Kashi:
Tokyo Banana:

12. Nakameguro and Daikanyama

If you wish to find something different, something special, visit Nakameguro and Daikanyama. These are residential areas filled with independent shops run by local designers, quaint cafés, vintage shops, and other hideaways. If you are looking for something unique, you will find these areas delightful. Both neighborhoods are only a few minutes away by train from Shibuya or Meguro.


Daikanyama T-Site Book Shop is popular among bibliophiles.

Daikanyama T-Site Book Shop is popular among bibliophiles. From Instagram

If you have no clue where to start strolling, visit DAIKANYAMA T-SITE. The shop is mainly a bookstore but they gather cafe space, music, stationeries, etc. The unique shelves will surely make you encounter with books that you have never seen.

Daikanyama T-Site:

Extra Information

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